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MAY 2024

For social impact businesses, what are your customers likely to need in 2026?


There is no getting away from the fact we've all been through a lot the last few years. As people continue to adapt to an increasingly uncertain world, they're looking for stability and care from businesses. Unsurprisingly mental wellbeing is becoming a big priority as the public look for businesses that add positive value to their lives over and above food, drink and sleep needs.


The challenges we as a society face aren't going away. People will be seeking out businesses that can support them to flex, making things easier. 

People love rituals whether it's getting their morning coffee, a margarita pizza or staying in the same hotel when they're in town. Theres a reassurance and comfort that hospitality spaces can provide, many are simply looking for the stability of the basics to be brilliantly executed without all the fanfare bells and whistles. A quiet confidence you might say in the simple staples.


A little party never hurt nobody.

49% are more likely to buy from a brand that gives them a sense of joy.


How can caring be a priority? What does it mean to care?


Third spaces continue to be important as the lines blur increasingly between work, social lives and home. Those communal areas in hospitality where yoga classes, running clubs, societies can meet. Community and connection are vital to the wellbeing of many.

Rather than being one thing in one place, can they do more tasks there to uncomplicated their lives?


Whilst we design for longevity and future site adaptability over trends, it can be useful to keep an eye on insights coming through on social trends.


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