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Chloe Wynn Wellbeing Interior Designer Maven Somerset

Chloe Wynn


My design career started aged 11 when I sketched a plan for a Japanese inspired garden centred around a bamboo water feature fed from a down pipe and with a solar powered pump. This says everything about me still as a designer today; inspired by nature, culture, and the senses, with technically considered solutions and circularity in mind.


My early career years were spent in award winning West London and Hampshire design studios, where I worked alongside a blend of corporate and entrepreneurial clients on diverse hospitality, leisure and retail projects in the UK and internationally before establishing Maven in 2017.

Working with socially and environmentally positive business that support our collective wellbeing is my passion. Whilst my own journey hasn't been without commercial challenge, it has offered perspectives that deepen my commitment to design for holistic wellbeing at every level from the teams working on and in projects, to the communities now and in the future that will feel the impact of it.


As part of my commitment to creating a better world I am currently studying towards a Living Future accreditation, investing in my personal development and my aim is to take on a pro-bono project for good cause in 2025.

When I'm not designing you'll find me practising yoga, fair-weather cycling, exploring the worlds cities and landscapes, doing something by, on or in the water, which pairs nicely sometimes with wine sampling!

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