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"it's loud, proud, and full of positive energy" This new site for the brand was designed to bring young people together for uplifting, in real life experiences throughout the day & night. Three bars and restaurant spaces unfold across a meandering three floors as guests are lead on a journey of exploration, with each space offering a unique yet connected experience. The site was a challenging amalgamation of 3 Grade II listed buildings on Queen Street, internally creating an experience that represents a young & rebellious brand attitude whilst being sensitive to the constraints of the historic building fabric. ​Combining the features and character of each individual building with a warm palette & finishes creates a inviting elevated feel, juxtaposed by contemporary artwork, graffiti, murals and LED signage features for a memorable guest experience. We took a "Kinsugi" approach to show the layers and story of the building through time, repairing rather than replacing where appropriate. We also endeavoured to re-use and enhance as much as possible from the inherited site without compromising efficient operation, such as repurposing bar countertops and timber wall cladding, as well as re-purposing tables and light fittings held in storage from the clients previous sites.

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