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Sensory interior designer Somerset nature inspired impact

Clients place their trust in Maven to deliver considered, high quality design that unites the pragmatic, ethical and emotional needs of all stakeholders.


To create spaces that are needed, have longevity and success in the community they serve; whether it's a restaurant, workplace or hotel, we must first understand and balance the needs of all stakeholders.

Taking a collaborative approach with open-minded curiosity we'll join the dots that set us up for a successful creative process. Skip the strategy, compromise the impact.

"I took so much from our strategy session that I've actually turned everything a bit on it's head. You’ve really helped to steer me in the right direction so the brief is a lot more in sync. Reading it, I can actually begin to picture how it will look in my mind, and I love it!"


Ethical Restaurant hospitality interior designer Somerset, Bristol, Bath, Exeter

A Collaboration With Nature

Modern life has disconnected us from the natural world of which we are a part. We spend on average 90% of our time indoors and much of it on screens, all whilst loneliness, anxiety, depression and complex health conditions are on the rise.

Recognised in biophilic design, contact with nature lowers our heart rate, cortisol levels, improves mental health & focus by providing a comfortable space to reconnect. 


But as we're in the poly-crisis age, can the way we approach design solve more than just social problems? I believe so. If we can help people fall in love with life through experiences and buildings, I feel we can go some way towards greater joy and authenticity, inspiring people to live their lives in balance with nature. It's a cyclical, symbiotic relationship.

Hand drawn diagram with arrows pointing circ ular relationship between people, nature and profit demonstrating a business collaboration with nature

Sensory Humans

Have you ever visited somewhere new, and instantly felt a sense of being at ease even though you just arrived? It's a inner knowing, the inmeasurable impact of space on our senses, creating that magic often associated with historic buildings that awaken our senses.

At the heart of my mission is a belief that we are not robots in human form. We are natural, imperfect, sensing and emotional beings so our spaces should be designed to reflect that, rather than to suit efficient machine manufacturing that results in square boxes, flat surfaces and a sense of soullessness, overwhelm & low productivity.

Together, our approach will address the 5D sensory, immersive experience as studied through science and our lived experiences to create spaces that enhance the emotional, human experience. I'm passionate that this is at the heart of changing our world for the better, the things you can't run a tape measure over, or tally on a spreadsheet are after all what makes a life well lived. 


You can read more about sensory design here.


Our built environment is responsible for around a third of UK emissions through both operational and embodied carbon. I'm acutely mindful at every stage of the process that small decisions when multiplied can have a significant impact.

However, its not just carbon. As part of my commitment Maven is a signatory of Interior Design Declares, a network of businesses that have declared a climate change and bio-diversity emergency.


I choose responsible options that tread lightly on our planet and people, with a focus on longevity, adaptability, design for diasassembly, circularity and occupant health. Where possible I seek to collaborate with local, like-minded, just businesses from the outset.

Sustainable interior designer hotels Somerset
Hotel interior designer Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire


Heritage sites present a unique opportunity to appreciate the past whilst reimagining the space for the needs of today and the future. I particularly enjoy the journey of discovery and opportunity to incorporate historical architectural detailing, whilst working to write a new chapter.


Ever walked in or perhaps just past somewhere and felt it wasn't for you? Many businesses are designed and structured with overt and covert cues that exclude and alienate certain groups as the status quo. Together we'll get curious about how you really want people to feel and who it serves. 

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