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MARCH 2020

If you're looking to launch a new restaurant, you may be considering firstly how to get noticed and secondly to how you can build a loyal following for your business. 


Take the example of The Hoxton on the right. From one snippet of a bar it's instantly identifiable. They developed their own niche even when it was different to the status quo and they backed it with investment. It's become a brand many want to emulate; yet nobody can recreate their exact formula.

Startups and corporates generally approach the design process with just that, a series of images; snippets of other brands and interiors they want to emulate in their startup or refurb. In the past that approach worked; the world was a large enough place. But todays customer is curious, they love to discover and experience on an emotive level. If your brand doesn’t have any layers or substance to it because it's essentially a pastiche concept, it will feel disconnected and flimsy, which simply won’t leave guests wanting more. Beauty is only skin deep as they say!

Creating that hospitality buzz in your venue actually comes down to the basics. The bits that come before we start designing space. Great brand experiences, including the interiors that we create are built around the stories, passions and values that form the foundations of what you uniquely do, of course with your customer aligned at the heart of it. That is what customers really buy into.

Could your business benefit from a different perspective and help with some strategic thinking? Get in touch.


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