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Briefing Information

Each project commences with a briefing meeting on site with clients. These briefings are a opportunity to discuss all the essential information to keep the project on track. As this was a refurbishment project we discussed the key opportunity areas, what could be recycled, repurposed or refreshed, the 5 year plan and the guest demographic for the location. From this we start to build a picture that inform a design direction.

A key consideration for this project was the fit-out timescale, with a site closure of just 6 days.

Concept Design

After working up feasibility plans and moodboards to show possible layout options - the initial basis for pricing, the project moves on to the concept design. With a student led population in Loughborough we agreed on a Ibiza bar concept, that reflects the fun but edgy values & energy of the Revolution brand experience.


We worked with the contractors to refine the concept from early stages shown, to ensure it was deliverable within the timescales & budget.

On site management

As with all refurbishment sites there are always unforeseeable hurdles to overcome once work gets underway on site.

With such a rapid turn around time on site at Loughborough it was vital issues were responded to promptly to ensure the project had the best chance of being delivered on time, budget and to the design vision intended.

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