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JULY 2019

If you're looking to launch a new hospitality brand, you may be considering firstly how to get noticed and secondly to how you can build a loyal following for your business. 

Understanding what will influence trends and steer consumer choices is essential in creating and developing a successful F&B concept.


Research is highlighting a growing demand, particularly amongst 16-25 year olds for businesses to show they are responsibly sourcing. No longer just on their menus but in every facet of the business extending into their environments too.

In January 2019 Hilton launched its first vegan suite at London Bankside, considering the entire journey from check in to check out. This example shows the aesthetics of sustainable interiors has reached a stage with material innovation that high quality finishes can be achieved without compromise, even for a 5* hotel brand. The customer asked, they listened and delivered.


As designers it is our responsibility to lead clients towards solutions that not only fulfils the brief but is sensitive to our home, planet Earth.


Selecting natural, renewable materials is just surface level thinking. Whilst they certainly feel more honest and enduring with a sense of quality, purpose and do have psychological benefits; natural materials don’t always directly equate to sustainable, vegan or responsible and it is important not to greenwash projects on this basis.

When selecting any material and product there is always a balance to be struck between carbon, resources and pollutants used in extracting the material, the durability of the material and a cradle to cradle approach, alongside other ethical considerations.


Whilst there are no entirely zero carbon, cruelty free, zero waste products there are certainly some clear preferences and we need to achieve the best balanced for each project and client.


We also work alongside experts to implement the latest technology to deliver carbon efficiencies, as simple as installing motion detector linked lighting circuits, LED lighting and water efficient solutions. Good design needn't cost the earth.


To find out more about environmentally conscious options, and for some surprising Maven projects where this thinking has been implemented, get in touch.

(photo via @hiltonbankside)

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